Which Azure PowerShell command should you run?

November 20, 2021 by Admin

You develop a gateway solution for a public facing news API. The news API back end is implemented as a RESTful service and uses an OpenAPI specification.

You need to ensure that you can access the news API by using an Azure API Management service instance.

Which Azure PowerShell command should you run?

  • Import-AzureRmApiManagementApi -Context $ApiMgmtContext 
    -SpecificationFormat "Swagger" -SpecificationPath $SwaggerPath 
    -Path $Path
  • New-AzureRmApiManagementBackend -Context $ApiMgmtContext -Url 
    $Url -Protocol http
  • New-AzureRmApiManagement -ResourceGroupName $ResourceGroup 
    -Name $Name –Location $Location -Organization $Org 
    -AdminEmail $AdminEmail
  • New-AzureRmApiManagementBackendProxy -Url $ApiUrl

New-AzureRmApiManagementBackendProxy creates a new Backend Proxy Object which can be piped when creating a new Backend entity.

Example: Create a Backend Proxy In-Memory Object
PS C:\>$secpassword = ConvertTo-SecureString “PlainTextPassword” -AsPlainText -Force
PS C:\>$proxyCreds = New-Object System.Management.Automation.PSCredential (“foo”, $secpassword)
PS C:\>$credential = New-AzureRmApiManagementBackendProxy -Url “” -ProxyCredential $proxyCreds

PS C:\>$apimContext = New-AzureRmApiManagementContext -ResourceGroupName “Api-Default-WestUS” -ServiceName “contoso”

PS C:\>$backend = New-AzureRmApiManagementBackend -Context $apimContext -BackendId 123 -Url ‘https://contoso.com/awesomeapi’ -Protocol http -Title “first backend” -SkipCertificateChainValidation $true -Proxy $credential -Description “backend with proxy server”
Creates a Backend Proxy Object and sets up Backend

Incorrect Answers:
A: The Import-AzureRmApiManagementApi cmdlet imports an Azure API Management API from a file or a URL in Web Application Description Language (WADL), Web Services Description Language (WSDL), or Swagger format.

B: New-AzureRmApiManagementBackend creates a new backend entity in Api Management.

C: The New-AzureRmApiManagement cmdlet creates an API Management deployment in Azure API Management.

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