When having a customer pre-sales call, which aspects of the NGFW should be covered?

November 21, 2021 by Admin

When having a customer pre-sales call, which aspects of the NGFW should be covered?

  • The NGFW simplifies your operations through analytics and automation while giving you consistent protection through exceptional visibility and control across the data center, perimeter, branch, mobile and cloud networks
  • The Palo Alto Networks-developed URL filtering database, PAN-DB provides high-performance local caching for maximum inline performance on URL lookups, and offers coverage against malicious URLs and IP addresses. As WildFire identifies unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and advanced persistent threats (APTs), the PAN-DB database is updated with information on malicious URLs so that you can block malware downloads and disable Command and Control (C2) communications to protect your network from cyberthreats. URL categories that identify confirmed malicious content — malware, phishing, and C2 are updated every five minutes — to ensure that you can manage access to these sites within minutes of categorization
  • The NGFW creates tunnels that allow users/systems to connect securely over a public network, as if they were connecting over a local area network (LAN). To set up a VPN tunnel you need a pair of devices that can authenticate each other and encrypt the flow of information between them The devices can be a pair of Palo Alto Networks firewalls, or a Palo Alto Networks firewall along with a VPN-capable device from another vendor
  • Palo Alto Networks URL Filtering allows you to monitor and control the sites users can access, to prevent phishing attacks by controlling the sites to which users can submit valid corporate credentials, and to enforce safe search for search engines like Google and Bing




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