Which of the following actions should you perform?

November 13, 2021 by Admin

You work as a Systems Administrator for your company. The company has a subscription to Microsoft 365. All users in your company have a Microsoft 365 E3 license.

You have been migrating users from Microsoft Skype for Business Online to Microsoft Teams over the last two months. Most users are now using Microsoft Teams.

The coexistence mode is currently set to Islands.

You plan to change the coexistence mode to Teams Only to force all users to use Microsoft Teams.

You need to ensure that if any users have online meetings scheduled to use Skype for Business, the meetings are converted to use Microsoft Teams.

Which of the following actions should you perform?

  • Modify the default Meeting policy in the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  • Run the Start-CsExMeetingMigration PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Run the Set-CsTeamsUpgradeConfiguration PowerShell cmdlet.
  • Run the Set-CsTeamsMeetingConfiguration PowerShell cmdlet.

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