Lab – Install Third-Party Software in Windows Answers

July 28, 2020 by Lab – Install Third-Party Software in Windows Answers

Lab – Install Third-Party Software in Windows (Answers Version)

Answers Note: Red font color or gray highlights indicate text that appears in the Answers copy only.

In this lab, you will install and remove a third-party software application supplied by your Answers. You will install the Packet Tracer Windows application.

The following equipment is required for this exercise:

  • A computer with Windows installed
  • A flash drive or CD with the latest Packet Tracer Windows install package

To download the latest version of Packet Tracer software, login to www.netacad.com. Click Resources > Download Packet Tracer. Select the appropriate Packet Tracer version for your classroom.

Part 1:  Installing Third-Party Software

Step 1:  Locate the installer.

  1. Log on to the computer with the Administrator account and use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder where the Packet Tracer installer is located. This folder could be on the local hard drive, on an external flash drive or on a CD.
  2. Unzip the file as necessary. Locate the Packet Tracer application. The filename is in the form of PacketTracer??_##bit_setup.exe, where ?? is version number and ## is either 32 or 64.

Step 2:  Run the Installer to install Packet Tracer.

  1. Start the installation process of the Packet Tracer application. When prompted, click Yes to allow this app to make changes to your device.
  2. The License Agreement window opens. Select I accept the agreement, and then click Next.
  3. The Select Destination Location window opens. Keep the default settings and click Next.


What is the default installation location for Packet Tracer?

C:\Program Files\Cisco Packet Tracer 7.2. Answers may vary.

  1. The Select Start Menu Folder window opens. Keep the default settings. Click Next.
  2. The Select Additional Tasks window opens. Keep the default settings. Click Next.
  3. The Ready to Install window opens. Click Install.
  4. The Installing progress window opens to show the progress of the installation.
  5. If an information window regarding PTSBA opens, click OK to continue.
  6. The Completing the Cisco Packet Tracer Wizard window opens. Click Finish.
  7. Be ready to provide your netacad.com credentials when Packet Tracer opens for the first time.
  8. If the You are running Packet Tracer for the first time window appears, click OK to continue.
  9. If the Windows Security Alert window opens, click Allow access after verifying that you have selected Private networks or domain networks as directed by your Answers.

Part 2:  Uninstalling Third-Party Software

  1. To uninstall a program, click Control Panel > Programs and Features. Choose Cisco Packet Tracer in the list and right-click Uninstall.
  2. The Cisco Packet Tracer Uninstall window opens. Click Yes to confirm the removal.
  3. When the successfully removed from your computer message opens, click OK.
  4. Verify the application was removed. After the application removal process, the Programs and Features window no longer show Cisco Packet Tracer in the list. Close all open windows.
  5. Future activities in this course will require the use of Packet Tracer. Reinstall Packet Tracer.

Why does Microsoft recommend using Uninstall or change a program to remove an installed application?

Sometimes, the uninstall software does not fully remove all of the files and settings created by the application during installation. The Microsoft Windows Uninstall or change a program utility removes the application completely.

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